We're busy translating our official history from the 200 original golden napkins that were found in the zeitgeist garbage. Mostly scrawled in ketchup, the sacred napkins describe the origins of the chopper riding urban dwellers. The crud historical team is working three shifts per day, six days per week, trying to restore these monumentally important chopper bicycle artifacts.

-crudmastergeneraleral martin leugers tricia wright

jason, peve, martin, revd, toto. chopper riding uban dwellers (circa 2001)

Not CRUD. 3rd St NYC 1965 The father of a friend of a friend took this picture. When I track down any more info, I'll put it up.

Its all smoove at the bike rodeo. DJ money kicks it with a cool 12OZ.
crud covert operation at undisclosed location (circa 2000)
Like you care who these people are.